Pictures from Seattle: December 2004


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Amelia and Wilhelmina Amelia and quilt Amelias Xmas Stocking Blue painted Amelia Catching raindrops
Amelia and Wilhelmina.jpg Amelia and quilt.jpg Amelias Xmas Stocking.jpg Blue painted Amelia.jpg Catching raindrops.jpg
Cuddle up time Family Portrait Gaining a Foothold Grandma Paula & Wilhelmina Grandpa Herb & Wilhelmina
Cuddle up time.jpg Family Portrait.jpg Gaining a Foothold.jpg Grandma Paula & Wilhelmina.jpg Grandpa Herb & Wilhelmina.jpg
Happy Grandpa and Wilhelmina Helping build a railroad Helping to Build a Railroad Helping to strum Mother and Child
Happy Grandpa and Wilhelmina.jpg Helping build a railroad.jpg Helping to Build a Railroad.jpg Helping to strum.jpg Mother and Child.jpg