I'm part of a family

My wireless Internet service provider, Gatespeed Broadband (I was co-owner for two years, acquired by Cruzio Internet)

My most recent startup company, (Podcasts on your Phone, acquired by, winner of a 2008 Webby award)

My previous startup, amicima (network protocol technology, acquired by Adobe and the basis of RTMFP in Flash Player 10)

Other startups of mine include scruz-net (acquired by Tycho Networks) and Tycho Networks (acquired by

A well-known hoax I was involved with

I'm helping to keep protozoa safe

Listen to music that I've made

Open source software I've created (note: Google Code repos moved to GithHub on April 6, 2015):

I've created an MDC-1200, GE-STAR, and FleetSync decoder for your iPhone available in the Apple app store ...and an Android version available on the Google Play store

Above product names are trademarks of their respective owners

Listen to an archive of local fire department dispatches on my website

I spend too much time doing Amateur Radio (my call is KA6SQG) - The WB6ECE voted and simulcast UHF amateur radio repeater system that I'm building.

The radio tower I own and operate at the highest point on Ben Lomond Mountain in Bonny Doon, CA. And the world...

Matthew Kaufman
Want to reach me? Try matthew at eeph dot com or find me on LinkedIn or Skype ("atmatthewat")